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obsessed with cute things & longsleeves cozy hideout of yesterday and tomorrow

welcome to my place on the interwebs! my name is chxri [cherry] and i’m a 25-year-old idiot. i like music, video games (mainly visual novels and rhythm games), fantasy, cartoons, computers, dolls, longsleeves and more! you may wonder what does the ".cc" in the domain name stand for!? oh why, 'cherry cola', of course!

i want to start with saying that this is my personal website to post anything i want, whenver i want. it may be personal, oversharing, plain stupid, too passionate-soinding, “cringe", etc.
please don’t expect to find anything too serious or proffessional, i just want to have fun! :3 this website is designed to have a look and feel of websites of mid to late 2010s, and as such is best viewed with a computer!

longlive the indieweb. screw corpos! screw algorithms! bring the freedom back!

i dont have much to offer, this is just a small page for the annoying stuff i do, or like. so there might not be anything you'd be interested at, but that's okay too!
happy surfing!

enjor your stay!!


all important changes will be logged bellow:

new! 9/26/2023 5:44PM CEST • the website now supports reader mode!
9/23/2023 02:12AM CEST • stats for nerds added! click to see
9/22/2023 05:02AM CEST • i have added a guestbook. sign it?
9/19/2023 10:56PM CEST • the website now has a RSS feed!
9/18/2023 12:37AM CEST • the website code slightly revised.
9/17/2023 05:55PM CEST • the hitcounter re-worked
9/15/2023 07:40PM CEST • entire redesign finished
7/25/2023 08:46PM CEST • website went live (approximate)